Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goodbye, 2009

This holiday season has been one of firsts. Brandon and I spent our first Christmas together (Candy canes!!!), it's my first Christmas in a real job without a weeks-long Christmas break, the first Christmas I can remember that didn't immediately involve my dear Texas friends within a few days on either end, and this week I'll get my first honest to goodness, midnight New Year's Eve kiss. I've been dating for 8 years. How I managed to evade that kiss completely escapes me, but I'm thrilled I did! What a fun first to share with my mine, the sexiest of men.

In lieu of a long winded blog, I've decided to pen a poem to seal up my 2009 and ring in the new decade.

For My Dear Ones

2000 opened with high school for me
The four years that grounded the person I'd be
Fresh out of awkward and clumsy eighth grade
I figured with long hair and boobs, I've got it made!

Junior high grudges
became high school crushes
My friends became hot
(Though I knew them when they were, decidedly, not.)

Faryn, Kris, and Emmie invited me out
Then Tara came around and she taught us how
to dance and be silly and not try so hard
Without her, we never would have come so far

Coach A showed up and he taught us to think
Sports filled our days with locker room stink
We laughed and rode go carts until they crapped out
Life was a breeze, no reason to pout

In 2001, the towers came down
We cried and we tried to find peace in our little town
We called it a "bubble" but it was still home
McKinney made sure we were never alone

Dan and Andy became fast friends
then they became ours with a bond that won't end
Those years were our world and it's strange that they've passed
but we left them with friendships that will always last

College came round and we all stuck together
Now we're "grown up" and it's hard to tell whether
we'll end up in the same place or scattered around
No matter, we'll always know where the others can be found.

For now,