Monday, August 9, 2010

No Chaser

I've started this thing 4 times in the past half hour. I'm not going to post any of the other crap I wrote because it was insincere and threatened to make a big faker out of me and I don't want to post drivel just for the sake of it. Here's what's really on my mind tonight...

Honesty is almost always best, even when it's horribly inconvenient. I'm caught inside a mess with a friend and, although we do not and will not see eye to eye, we've been completely honest with each other from the start. We're not much closer to a solution than we were when this started, but at least we're confident in where the other stands and we don't have to live in the land of Passive Aggressiva. (Yes, I borrowed that from Grey's Anatomy.) We'll work it out and we may not like each other very much for a while after we do, but I know we'll be able to end the conflict for good because neither of us has anything to hide. That's reassuring. So, even though it's uncomfortable right now, we choose honesty. I recommend it.

Don't be a faker. Call it what it is. That's my theme for the week.

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